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Rammed earth is a beautiful and sustainable wall medium. Cost per m2 for a rammed earth home The price range for the full build (to completion) on average can fall between $2,200 per m2 to $3,000 per m2. But your cheaper project homes aren’t the same. Rammed earth is comparable to conventional masonry, but there are key areas which can make a big difference to the cost. There is likely a way to achieve maximum value for money and thermal benefit. There’s a lot to learn in running a business. The formwork is set up to create the desired shape of the building and damp earth is poured into this structure at a depth of about 10-25cm (4-10ins) thick. It likely won’t maximise on your northerly aspect and reduce westerly exposure. The Soil mix is poured into the formwork to a suitable depth and then compacted to approximately half its original volume. Thermal mass increases the comfort of your home’s temperature in summer and winter. SYDNEY MELBOURNE PERTH MUMBAI HONG KONG SINGAPORE JAKARTA. The addition of rigid foam insulation between two wythes of rammed earth will raise costs considerably. Ideally the earth for the walls is dug on site or nearby but depending on the consistency of the local sub-soil, sieving or the addition of sand and aggregate may be necessary to regulate particle size and improve the consistency of the mix. Once they’ve cured the walls can be painted, are as fire resistant as the materials used in them and depending on the strength can be load bearing, pretty much like any other wall. A professional resource for the design curious, @_designoffice created the #girlboss of retail exp, The N02 Recycle Chair – Good Design, Good for the Earth, Onion (design studio) has layers of experience, House of Wang by SlowStudio is the beauty of Beijing, Takenouchi Webb marries French sophistication and tropical vim, Reintroducing The Classics: Tables In The Gascoin Collection. Rather than mostly just flooring, roofing and walls for a larger room. This allows for the walls thermal properties to be maximised by reducing the walls exposure to the outside elements. Rammed earth is the descendant of ancient construction techniques like adobe or cob building. Complex roof lines requiring raking or angling of walls to bring them up to the roof increases your costs. The price range for the full build (to completion) on average can fall between $2,200 per m2 to $3,000 per m2. This is not an area in which you should consider cutting costs. So while it may initially cost more than a project home, the benefits of rammed earth will produce ongoing savings. that your site will require. It’s easy to get distracted by choice. Rammed earth is an in situ construction method. And often over time end up costing you a lot more in replacements. See below (or keep reading) to understand how design can influence the cost of your rammed earth. But you may need to consider carefully where you place the Rammed Earth walls for maximum benefit. Tamping was historically done a long ramming pole, meaning a whole lot of work for the person or people doing it. However, we have found rammed earth homes have an excellent resale value. Termite Proof. Because of the mediums longevity, you will also see greater returns. But, unfortunately, these project homes aren’t designed for you or your property. 03 5470 6579 It’s so important to be clear about your priorities and budget to avoid not being able to afford what is really important to you. When you’re just starting to think about building a new home, resale value might not be something you’re considering. There are design considerations for using Rammed Earth that will ensure you benefit from maximum ongoing cost savings. The technique isn’t just limited to a standard or retaining wall but could be applyed to construct a floor as well. Get in touch with one of our teams all across the world. Sometimes it is worth considering if there are other areas in your design where rammed earth can be incorporated to increase the quantity of walls. Sign up to our newsletter to get the latest stories. Being a distinctive and sought after medium, resale values are high. Cured rammed earth also has a high thermal mass which means it absorbs heat during the day and releases it at night – majorly reducing heating and cooling costs and energy. When paired with solar passive design and used correctly, thermal mass can have a major impact on reducing your energy usage. The design of a rammed earth home is incredibly important in achieving the best outcome within a given budget. It uses significantly fewer natural resources than fired bricks or concrete walling. If you only need a small quantity of walls, the price for set up and transport per m2 will be higher. We’ve got you covered with how-to guides, insights and resources for the business minded. Your choice of straight or curved walls can also influence the price. If you want to learn more about thermal mass, we have written about the Thermal Properties of Rammed Earth.

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