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天貝繍助篇, Shin Taichō Amagai Shūsuke Hen).The series is based on Tite Kubo's Bleach manga series. Agent of the Shinigami Arc (Episodes 1 – 20) Soul Society: The Sneak Entry Arc (Episodes 21 – 41) Soul Society: The Rescue Arc (Episodes 42 – 63) The following is a rundown of all of the canonical and filler arcs from Bleach‘s long series run. The episodes are directed by Noriyuki Abe, and produced by TV Tokyo, Dentsu and Studio Pierrot. It is followed by the Fake Karakura Town Arc.. Summary. The seventh season of the Bleach anime series is named the Arrancar: The Hueco Mundo Sneak Entry arc (破面・虚圏 潜入篇, Arankaru Weko Mundo Sennyū Hen).In the English adaptation of the anime released by Viz Media, the title of the season is translated as The Hueco Mundo. The Arrancar Arc is the third and longest story arc of the Bleach manga. After eight long years, the Bleach anime has risen from the dead with the confirmation that its last arc will be fully adapted in the near future.. On Mar. The Bleach anime is returning according to a Shonen Jump leak. The Bount Invasion was a major conflict detailing the war between the Soul Society and the last remnants of the Bount. The anime will adapt the Thousand-Year Blood War arc, the final story line of the series from the original manga It was an invasion held by Jin Kariya and his followers Gō Koga, Yoshino Sōma, Maki Ichinose, Mabashi, and Sawatari. Please be aware that some information has yet to be added. And I believe the longest filler arc would be in rurouni-kenshin where the last 35 episodes were fillers. It immediately follows the events of the Soul Society Arc and consists of Volume 21 through Volume 35. The episodes are directed by Noriyuki Abe, and produced by TV Tokyo, Dentsu and Studio Pierrot. Origin Agent of the Shinigami arc (Episodes 1-20) > Also known by its English adaptation title, "The Substitute" arc, the first Bleach story arc is twenty episodes in length and covers manga chapters 1 through 70. Please note: This page is currently under construction by the Bleach Wiki:Chronology Project. Thousand Year Blood War Arc not the longest arc I'm curious how rushed Kubo really was seeing as how this arc was supposed to be the longest and we still needed about 30 chapters to get to the length of the Arrancar arc. Canon Story Arc List. The Bounts (バウント, Baunto) are a tribe of artificially created beings that manage to live indefinitely so long as they consume Souls to do this.1 1 Overview 2 History 3 Powers & Abilities 3.1 Dolls 3.2 Bitto 4 Trivia 5 References 6 Navigation Bounts are spiritually aware beings that were artificially created due an experimental accident that occurred in Soul Society. Chronicle of the fights, battles and events of the Bleach Universe. Source: Own experience, Google, Filler Guide (webarchive) EDIT "why in your estimation, none of the longer-running series beat out Bleach and Naruto under the definition of "filler" that others already provided above" - seijitsu.

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