powerpoint 2016 youtube video not playing

For obvious reasons we would not like to ask all users to run the program as Admins. May take a few seconds for the video to start playing as the service buffers the video; Video may pause if the network is overloaded or the Internet is slow; Here are the steps to link to the video from a PowerPoint slide and have it play when the link is activated. Example :Add autoplay=1 and Delete llow="autoplay; encrypted-media" from the original embedded code. Note that you will need to have an Internet connection on the computer showing the slideshow in order to play the video. That same slide show works fine on the machine I created it on, a Windows 10 laptop running Office 2016 Home and Student. The steps in this article were performed in Microsoft Powerpoint 2016. Q: I have .wmv video files which are listed as being compatible with PowerPoint 2016 but when I embedded video in PowerPoint and played the video, it did not work but the audio played as expected. In the presenter view, look for the “Display Settings” menu at the top. YouTube have made some changes to their video service which has caused the feature of inserting YouTube videos directly into a presentation in PowerPoint 2013 to break. From Microsoft: "PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint 2016 for Mac: .mp4 files encoded with H.264 video and AAC audio" Double check that your video is properly encoded as H.264 and AAC for the audio track. Insert and Play. Thankfully, after playing around with PowerPoint, I found a way around the issue. This guide is specifically meant to embed a video into your slideshow if that video is hosted on YouTube. Insert and Play Requires KB2837627. Let's Check the Common Problem on Playing Video in PPT. Insert and Play Requires KB4018368. If we do the same thing however, but by running Powerpoint as admin, The video plays fine. Not supported. PowerPoint 2016 for Mac PowerPoint for Mac 2011 PowerPoint 2010 PowerPoint 2007. If you are using PowerPoint 2019 or MS Office 365 after April 2019, click here for the updated procedure: Automatically Playing an Embedded YouTube Video in PowerPoint 2019 (Updated September 3, 2018 for after YouTube changed its Embed Codes slightly.) Until Microsoft comes out with a fix, you can follow these 5 steps to insert a YouTube video in your PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint 2016 embedding YouTube video not working Split from this thread. I'm getting ready to teach another PowerPoint class, so I got out my previous class notes.… The dialog box that opens allows you to embed the videos by selecting Break Link for each link you want to embed. Insert and Play. PowerPoint 2013. Were currently having an issue within our corporate environment where we are unable to play a video from YouTube within Powerpoint 2016 as a standard user. -Mandeep ===== Note the video plays fine if you open the URL in the local browser, but it cannot play from the locally installed PowerPoint 2016. We search for a video and insert it. I noticed when I attempted to run a slide show containing an embedded .avi video clip. Find your video on the external side, copy the embed code, and paste here. Not supported. Play Requires KB4018374. VLC and WMP will be more capable than PowerPoint but they should both tell you the video properties of the file to check the codec. Not supported. OneDrive (then navigate to the location of your video file) YouTube – in PowerPoint 2013/2016 and Office 365 you can search for videos, preview and insert within PowerPoint; From a Video Embed Code – for videos on sites with embed codes, like Vimeo, choose this option. I have the same issue. It’s not perfect, but it does allow the person presenting to trigger the YouTube video without switching back into normal view, then into slide show. PowerPoint 2016 Volume License. Not supported. We are going into Powerpoint and clicking Insert > Video > Online Video. Not supported. If you have videos that were inserted using an earlier version of PowerPoint, such as PowerPoint PowerPoint 2007, you'll need to upgrade your media file format so that these files will play.

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