how to spot antler sheds

There is hope, however. Again, it takes four very similar sheds to do this, and you still may have to shave off the tips of the tines to get the table to sit level. You could spin 360 degrees and see… Read The Full Article Here But I'll admit that they aren't easy to find. If nothing else, bring an antler with you and toss it on the ground, then go find it. Good spot for antler sheds? Get some really good optics. If I’m walking with a partner and one of us finds a shed, the other person walks over and tries to spot it before the finder even touches it. Because sheds can be harder to spot than most hunters think, training dogs to find sheds is growing in popularity. 7. Once bucks go antler-less in your images, start hunting. Close. Measure each antler from the base to the end of each point or branch. Then, antler tines will make contact with the floor. If you want to test your luck with nature and try to find some antler sheds on your own, here are a few words of advice. Additionally, a great spot to go shed hunting is near water. ... but antlers of respectable size can be easy to spot. Another tip is to practice spotting sheds. 2. You might find sheds on or just off a trail, or on the bedding slope. Saw that this is a good time to go looking for shed antlers. I didn't know that was a thing, but it sounds neat. A rainy day is great—sheds shine and catch your eye. It gives you an idea of where antlers may be and what to look for. Posted by 6 months ago. A few people have trained their dogs to find antler sheds and that may speed the process up. 7. The antler-growing process begins almost as soon as the antlers are dropped. Elk shed hunting is not that unlike finding shed antlers of whitetails. Antler scores by age class form a bell-shaped curve on a graph. ; Treats: To reward your dog when he gets it right. Bucks often walk only 100 to 300 yards and lie down out of the wind on the first east- or south-facing hillside. When, Where, and How to Search for Antler Sheds. Now I could look for the other antler… Growth peaks in late August throughout most of the whitetail range. All of these considerations can make it harder to find a shed antler than it is to find the buck that grew it. Ideally, it’s best to go when the snow is mostly melted and grass growth hasn’t kicked into high gear. 5. Cornfields, while often the most rewarding, are also the hardest because the stalks camouflage the sheds so well. It helps to know a little about the habits of deer to know where to look. Start looking for sheds at preferred food sources early in the year. Time Your Search: Like it or not, you will be competing for deer shed antlers with other shed hunters. Finding deer antler sheds has become a very popular hobby for hunters and non-hunters alike. Where to Look for Elk Sheds . An antler may be on top of the leaf litter, below the leaf litter, bleached, or stained. Find the food, find the sheds. Instead, hide the antler out of the dog’s sight, return to your dog, and give the command, “Find the shed!” You’ll soon notice a focus level your dog won’t display during normal play … If you prefer to buy sheds to make handcrafted items rather than find them yourself, you’ll need a Hide/Antler permit ($34). That means that for any age class, there’s a common average, but there are also uncommon bucks with below- and above-average antlers for their age. Check deer trails where they cross fences, ditches or other obstacles. Time: 1 hour active, 2-3 hours drying time. More people are looking for sheds, so you may be competing with them. Dogs can make excellent shed hunting partners when properly trained. The antler wasn’t anything special. You do not need a specific breed to find sheds. Say you walk 300 yards on a line and cross only one fence. The rewards of a shed antler hunt are many. Or when you’re shed hunting and a friend finds an antler, ask them not to touch it until you walk up and try to spot it yourself. stepped on a shed antler. I shoved the antler into my back pocket, ckopped my handkerchief to mark the spot, and continued observing Bonnie. Some shed hunters search for sheds with the intention of selling them, while others use sheds to help plan hunts for the following year. Advice on training a range of breeds to locate sheds, professional trainers, and trained dogs for sale can all be found on the Internet. One bad bounce can poke the dog and make it fear sheds. 8. Later, when Bonnie stopped actively feeding and started looking for a rest­ ing spot to chew her cud, I gently led her back to the pen. All deer need to drink, so whatever water source is the prominent one in the area is a good start. Look Where Deer Jump: Sudden movements caused by jumping or running can knock an antler loose. A lot of this stuff is common sense if you relate to the animal rather than trying to think like it. What made it interesting was that the antler was laying in a spot where rubs were literally everywhere. Jump a fence, lose an antler. Another spot for shed hunting is on the borderline of forests and fields. Most bucks shed their velvet between mid-August and mid-September. Practice throwing old antlers into the woods and coming back later trying to spot them. The more they move, the more they are likely to drop an antler. Jumping fences, spanning gullies and bounding over any obstacle could jolt an antler loose. Shed antler hunting is one of the fastest growing outdoors activities. In their natural state, they are used to create rustic chandeliers, lamps, and table centerpieces, or simply as wall decor.As a raw material, they can be turned into knife handles, jewelry, decorative carvings, key fobs, and a variety of other items. If you are new to deer hunting and are eager to collect your first deer antlers, you are probably wondering when do deer shed their antlers. Fence gaps and jumps can be dynamite spots for finding sheds as well. Wet, rain-sodden ground compresses old leaf litter, making it easier to spot your targets. 4. In most cases, you should only need: Several antler sheds: You will need these for scent training your dog to recognize the smell of shed antlers. This will allow you to see what calls attract them and which ones make them turn and run. You often can’t spot them until you’re standing right over them. Finding Deer Antler Sheds. Training your dog to find antler sheds doesn't require a lot of supplies. Once an antler falls off it legally becomes the property of the landowner. Another idea is to look at photos online of sheds where they lay, and practice picking out the shed. Therefore shed hunters need to get permission from private landowners to access their property and pick up sheds. Whitetail deer antler sheds have a wide variety of uses and are becoming more popular as a crafting material and for home decor. Antler prices over the last five years have been averaging about $13.00 per pound. Now, as you walk through the woods picture how these features would appear lying in the vegetation. Small groups of males tend to congregate, including during shed times, increasing the chance to find antlers if you spot a group. Overlap is when above-average bucks in a younger age class have the same antler size as below-average bucks in older age classes. Try looking on Etsy and at flea markets (the one in Dresden had TONS if you’re ever in Germany). Photo by Greg Wagner. When you're hunting for deer antler sheds and you spot one side, look nearby to see if the other side of antlers is around. If you go too late, you might find sheds already damaged from other animals. If you have a hunting dog or are thinking of getting one, consider having it trained to smell out deer sheds so you can use it as a guide. Michigan hosts many animals in … There comes a time in the off-season when whitetail deer hunters all over the country become obsessed with collecting deer antlers.

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