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Great thanks …I’m leaning Rhino Rack with the upgraded support braces (backbone). For the alloy rack, they only offer a system with the mesh floor (#4913010m). You also get a leg up on vendor specials, free gear, giveaway notifications, and more. I really believe their front and rear bumpers could be utilized on an Abrams tank. Aside from that, it is also known to be a heavy-duty functional vehicle, capable of carrying cargoes on its back. It is built from the same aluminum material as the Eezi-Awn K9. Location: Western NC. It looks cool, it’s heavy-duty, and it’s great for heavy loads that require sturdier materials to sit on too. Toyota; Scion; All Accessories; Search Go. Universal Upright Roof Mount Bike Rack by Swagman®. Hold up: 1 Bike. We installed the Rhino-Rack on our 5th Gen. What appealed to me was how low profile the platform was, that we installed. … The Curt is an all-steel rack that is pretty durable for the price and comes powder coated black, It’s dimensions are Length 41.5″ x Width 37 ” x  Height 4″ it’s size is very similar to the Rola Rack. Search Forums; Recent Posts; Newest Posts; Buy / Sell / Trade . Do you agree with our list? This article was very helpful in narrowing my rack search. This addition might be one of the most practical mods you can do. Nor is this a list of the “best roof racks” out there. Maybe we will do a follow-up post. That beast of an SUV is made to be rough and be tough. I got the Rhino-rack 76″x49″ Pioneer and the Backbone system for a total of $763…that’s over a $400+ savings. Can anyone confirm if the Rola would fit on a 2016 4Runner XP with standard roof rails? Thanks! Below you will find an overview of the top (most common) roof racks that every 5th Gen 4Runner owner should consider. David, Good call, that would be a great idea. You would really be surprised at how much you will use your roof rack after you have one installed. Build specifications, Powdercoated steel, Smaller height. Just now …thanks for the reply! It was so large that it was riding shotgun with me. Any recommendations that may be updates since this post originally? Full-Length 4Runner Roof Racks and Small Basket Racks - We've got them all. ProTRD, Yeah, we wrote quite a bit on options. Similar to a Front Runner, the platform is designed as a flat panel slotted rack. Toyota 4Runner Parts & Accessories Home | Log In | 0 - $0.00; Shop. I’m not understanding why that would… Read more », Great article, thanks very much. Regular price $104.99. The Gobi breakdown doesn’t mention wind noise as a Con. The Rhino Pioneer SX Platform Stylish and Durable. not the ladder. Pictured: @KCSnowRunner with Front Runner Full Length Rack, Full-Length Flat Overland Style Rack & 3/4 Options. The Rola is a durable heavy-duty steel basket with a black powder coat finish. The frame is made from 1.5” thick heavy-duty steel coated with a stylish black. Although the Prinsu comes in a full-length option at $765, the 3/4 is much cheaper sitting at only $595. It has a full aluminum design so it is lightweight but still strong. I have no experience with them on the 4runner but can tell you on my Tacoma before I traded it in for the 4R, there was zero wind noise from their rack. The Prinsu ROOFRAC is designed from 2 laser-cut side rails with 1/4″ 5052 aluminum. This rack while being cheaper than the Yakima might be a better choice. It looks like the same rack to me but with the front bars added. Yeah, an overview on the cross bars, mount bars and earlier versions of the 4Runner rack would be a good idea. Join Date: Feb 2010. Front Runner comes in full rack options as well as the 3/4. Roof racks are a great addition for anyone who takes their rig off-roading, takes road trips, day trips, and ofcourse for families that need a little more storage up top. The driving weight load and the static load is around 660lbs for both the full-length and the 3/4 system. Also for lighting, it comes with a few options pre-fabricated, you have your choice of multiple light mounts or a single mount for a single light bar. Cargo baskets are awesome! This is a universal platform with endless options but you will pay big bucks for the accessories. I was pretty pissed off. I don’t see the ladder interfering with the set-up. G-Clamps for mounting to factory rails, shower arms, spotlight mounts, spare tire mount, MAXTRAX mounts, Axe/shovel mounts, Hi-Lift mounts, tote/box mounts, jerry can mount, and much more. With this cargo basket on top of your Toyota 4Runner, expect heavy-duty performance partnered with staggering good looks. Baja has awning mounts, axe/ shovel mounts, fuel can holders, Hi-Lift jack mounts, plenty of LED light mounts and much more. They offer tie-down eye nuts, awning mount bracket, extra crossbars, an extra mounting foot or like we mentioned a wind deflector for an LED light bar. It’s not much, but if convenience and functionality is a big thing for you, then you ought to pick this one up asap. Do you know anyone who has bought the EchoTechne roof rack? This option will hold gear securely with side straps as well. $449.09 $ 449. Built-in Wind Deflector and optional extension and Accessories. LFD Off Road. We have seen several 4Runners with storage boxes, gun cases, recovery gear, bikes, kayaks, snowboards, skis, recovery boards, camping gear, travel gear, overland gear, fuel storage, water storage, off-road jacks, shovels, and of course the Rooftop Tent. Four C-series scene lights are integrated into the CNC cut side rails along the rack making for one whole hell of a Power House in terms of integrated lighting and design. CNC cut and formed from 3/16" aluminum (steel mounting brackets) with extruded aluminum rails Easy bolt together installation GETAWAY BACKPACK; TRAVEL … Drilling is required to secure the front Foot Rails. So low profile Weight rated for RTT I hate my factory rails so I don’t want to use those. Another priority will be minimum wind resistance and noise on the highway. Quality made products for 4Runners and other vehicles. It can carry whatever you put in there, as long as it doesn’t reach the weight limit. The flat top and t slot cross bars allow for an endless combination of accessories, tools, or even roof top But how does a Toyota 4Runner do that? their products look pretty mean. 4Runner Tested and industry proven scrubbing technology. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. 5th Gen 4Runner Parts Marketplace (2010+) 4th Gen 4Runner Parts Marketplace (2003-2009) 3rd Gen 4Runner Parts Marketplace (1996-2002) 2nd Gen 4Runner Parts … for roof top tents and their occupants. Just a guess. Toyota 100 Series Landcruiser Roof Rack. While you may not want to set up a tent on this rack it is capable of holding plenty of gear, or even a spare oversized tire. I have a 2019 trd Off road premium. I would assume all roof racks will create noise to some levels. Great now I have some decisions to make! General Benefits: There are many reasons to have roof racks as we mentioned above but generally speaking, they are great for any piece of gear that won’t fit inside your 4Runners. This design features a T-slot channel like many mainstream platforms along with 2 bottom facing channels. Was thinking of getting rhino rack 70 inch for my 2014 4Runner would it cause issues if i were to get the 54” wide instead of 49”? Thank you! On top of that, it reduces the drag and the noise created by the wind while you’re driving. While not being quite as large it has better features for an offroader. Regardless of what rack you end up buying, you should be happy. The Prinsu Design Studio ROOFRAC is a low profile, badass, aggressive-looking platform that looks nothing like many mainstream platforms on the market. The product arrived in a timely fashion. FACE MASK PROJECT. If you want to write that article, we would totally hook you up for it. The upTOP Alpha looks impressive. The ALWD protects your LED light bar behind an adjustable fairing when not in use, keeping everything street legal whenever off the trail. Compared to other $1000 options, this choice covers many areas of importance and needs. It comes with a wind deflector due to it sitting just high enough to have a wind noise. You won’t have to worry if this roof rack would break or not; the metal bars are heavy-duty enough to withstand as much weight as possible. The cheaper options are all steel, while the more expensive options are made from alloy. The whole system is UPSable to anywhere in the world. What will you replace it with? You will also need the fitting kits for these racks which is part #3722020. Designed with style & durability to maintain a safe driving load capacity of 300lbs. I could be wrong here but go check out their website. Regular price $229.99. There are a few things that set the ARB roof rack apart from other brands. A good option to carry firewood on your roof rack is the Wood Gaiter by High Road Adventure Gear. Let me help you justify the cost! This cargo basket is far larger than the typical cargo basket and offers a simple yet stylish design that will capture the attention of everyone. The front runner is a really good 3/4 option rack out there. I just bought a 2020 TRD PRO 4Runner and am wondering if the roof rack bolt pattern is the same for all 5th Gen 4Runners? This vacates a lot of usable space inside the Toyota 4Runner, ensuring a more comfortable ride. You can get the ARB at 70” X 44″ in multiple options. Log in or Sign up. While we have plenty of space inside our 4Runner, it is always nice to have extra storage up top. Another low priced rack that packs a serious little punch! You can mount the 60″ platform to the factory roof rails or for $369 you can purchase the stronger Backbone system and then mount the 76″ platform. I believe the basket has an option to add locks to lock basket to cross bar, and you could add the Thule Hullavator, which is a lift system that would enable you to load and unload your kayak with ease, and both basket and kayak lift system could be keyed the same to have matching locks/keys, easier… Read more ». You can see them on this page. We will never spam your inbox or sell your data. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. All of the BajaRacks come with an epoxy primer (rust inhibitor) with black powder coating. The wind deflector does have options for a 30″ and 40″ light bar cut out which is pretty awesome. There are a few good reasons why cargo baskets are awesome for a Toyota 4Runner. The design is aerodynamic, lightweight, and highly durable. The rack is also very low profile, providing a sleek and refined look for your 5th Gen 4Runner. If you aren’t wanting to do any drilling for an aftermarket roof rack, this is a great option as the ARB rack utilizes the factory roof rack mounting locations. There are many companies that make off-road lights that can be mounted in a wide variety of configurations so getting creative here is fun. Roof Rack Toyota 4Runner 5th 2010-2020 ecotechne. Rugs, Lumber, and oversized Items: Have you ever seen an SUV with 16 pieces of lumber sticking out the back window? Just letting people know that Gobi is made in the USA, Colorado I believe. Would love to see the step by step install on that rack! The BajaRack like the famous Gobi Rack comes in multiple sunroof options; with and without the sunroof cutout. Our newsletter is pretty much the best thing you'll ever read! That is great if you choose to have a rooftop tent. 05/14/2017 Anyone recognize the side steps in the pic with the Gobi rack? Here is what CBI had to say about the acquisition: CBI Offroad Fab is excited to announce the acquisition of Prinsu Design Studios, a privately owned, Utah-based company which designs, develops, and builds racks primarily for the Toyota vehicle market. ARB, in general, provides a lot of high-quality parts for the off-road community. It even has a wind-fairing system that reduces the Toyota 4Runner’s air resistance while driving. You should reach out to Clint at Hey Brenan, I was wondering if you had any updates to this list that you would recommend or want to call out since it was originally posted? Shoot, even the packing was impressive… Any idea what mounting hardware was used for the MaxTraxs on the gray rig in the article? Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. With a dynamic load rating of 300 pounds and a static load rating of 600 pounds, the ARB Flat Alloy Roof Rack is capable of holding gear such as kayaks or paddleboards, but also a roof top tent that can hold two people on board. The Nfab rack sits pretty far in on the factory roof rails. The Prinsu comes with all of the mounting hardware and has two different crossbar options. This basket looks pretty good and is fairly strong for the price. Regular price $704.99. If you like outdoor activities, roof rack is a must for you. If you need to transport firewood, for example, many racks are fully capable of holding large amounts of this and other items that may get your cargo area dirty. One of the most common roof racks is the Gobi Rack. Will the TRD Pro roof rack fit? Thanks for the help, I was hoping to get some guidance/perspectives regarding a roof rack. Is there any information you can point me to that has more details? Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11. VANGUARD Black Powdercoat TRD Style Roof Rack | Compatible with 14-21 4Runner. That’s an additional level of safety and functionality for your Toyota 4Runner. If you are looking for a fully functional overland style rack that’s a low profile with a clean design, BajaRacks might be for you. Thanks. While some may look good they may not be built for function though. I’m trying to get a rack where I can put different things on (cargo box, bike carrier, ski rack, kayak/canoe rack, etc) but one where I don’t have to drill or add existing holes. Just imagine the saved fuel by using this kind of roof rack! Castlebravo_V2.0 – Front Runner Slimline II. Thanks for the info! Swagman® Upright Roof Mount Bike Rack. when weight is evenly distributed across both bars Set of two black bars Or opt for a set of parallel racks that are versatile and sturdy. Just updated the article. Posts: 178 sonjason . Ive been reading about a roof rack company out of Colorado called Sherpa Equipment Company. I realize any roof rack will have some noise associated with it but it seems a rack like the Frontrunner’s would be worse because it has no angles to it. And last but not even least, we have the roof rack from XCar Store. When I upgraded to Gen5 4-Runner our Yakima Kayak racks didn’t fit the crossbars on the new truck. We can get into detail on what aftermarket racks and basket racks would fit with each application. UPDATE: ARB is launching a new flat platform that you might want to take a look at. The Evolution of The Coyote Engine (Explained), Superchargers: Everything You Need to Know, Toyota 2JZ vs BMW B58: Which One is Better, Copyright © 2021 | External Link Disclosure, Bryce founded Dust Runners Automotive Journal in 2014 as a way to write about the cars he found interesting. Can you recommend a rack that has good Kayak adapters? Brenan, First, thanks for all the time and effort you put in to the website. Front Runner’s kit makes the installation pretty smooth. Whether you are an avid offroader whose looking for the extra space, occasional thrill-seeker, or weekend warrior, below is a good resource to help you consider the platform that is right for your needs. The Flat Alloy Roof Rack comes in a 70” x 44” platform, but steel options are available in other sizes. Yeah, Clark installed those. If you want accessories, you will spend quite a bit of money on their specific accessory mounts. SKU: RR4R. This is a good option but it does sit a little higher off the 4Runner than the BajaRack. Show items: 60; 90; 120; Sort by. Brian, same with me. Beautiful, Strong, and fully capable Gobi. N-Fab itself has a lifetime warranty which makes this rack rank above most in a sense. The K9 features fully-welded joints (not bolts) and is made from extruded aluminum which is incredibly light and comes with a flat black powder coating. Click the picture to view this *HEAVY DUTY* Low Profile rack system. For accessories, Rola sells an optional 18 3/4″ length extension, cargo box or net, a cargo bag and last but not least a bike carrier attachment. The measurements for the 3/4 platform are Length 60″ x Width 48″x Height 1.5″. That factory rack that was on the earlier 5th Gens was clean. Pictured: @anbu.rnr with Prinsu Roof Rack, An affordable, aggressive, fully capable system (drilling required on full length). General Gear: There are hundreds of general items you can throw on a rack. It’s never had anything put on it, essentially mint condition. The upTOP Overland Bravo racks and Alpha racks are both two pretty stunning racks as well. This is an affordable alternative to the full-length Gobi, BajaRack, Front Runner, and Eezi-Awn K9. All products built and designed by Prinsu Design Studio are intended for off-road use and should be assembled, installed, and used according to Prinsu Design Studio’s recommendations. He would have all the answers for you. Do you have guest writers? You can update the Prinsu specs to include that they have a no-drill full size option. Use coupon code "TRAIL4R10" and save 10% on windshield wiper blades from Scrubblade. This cargo basket is rugged, heavy-duty, and aesthetically appealing. I like the setup. All components easily bolt into place. There’s no gainsaying that installing a roof rack for 4Runner offers you peace of mind as the rack enables you to transport your belongings safely. What would you get from this roof rack? There shouldn’t be… Read more ». ARB makes a few options and then many different fitting kits for vehicle specific applications. Front Runner has even more mounting options and additional accessories than BajaRack. With that being said, I just wanted to pass some information to you and possibly to some of your other readers. Rack Style: Tray Style Rack with T-Slot Horizontal Slats. If you want to mount an RTT (rooftop tent), you need the 70” X 49” touring rack (part #3813200). There are optional crossbars available for purchase if the factory rails do not come factory on your 4R. Roof racks are awesome, although they may tend to be a bit too small. Toyota 4runner Roof Rack, Tire mount, and accessory rack system, 4th Gen 4runner, 2003-09. Recently, we wrote a post on the top 10 mods and general accessories, while racks were mentioned last they are certainly not the least important. That writeup may have sealed the deal for me as it’s one of the options I was down to! I feel like the Frontrunner may be the one because of it’s versatility. They now have a full non drilled version. On the other hand, the roof rack relieves you from the hassle of having to pack your bits and pieces inside the vehicle. All of the small basket styles are at the bottom. I’m buying an off road premium w/ a sunroof. This is a service part for the roof rack. This 1560mm/61.4" long 3/4 size Slimline II cargo roof rack kit contains the Slimline II Tray, Wind Deflector and 2 Foot Rails to mount the Slimline II Tray to your Toyota 4Runner (5th Gen). One person can mount the platform to the factory roof rails in about 20 minutes. We designed it to be low profile at 3.5” tall, but the floor can be lowered down and floor inserts can be installed to make it a basket rack. But the basket comes with a built-in wind deflector which is needed due to it sitting so high. Are there any racks where I person could stand or walk on, without adding additional hardware to the rack? Is the Gobi or BajaRack set up for a sunroof? Lots of options for add ons. Front Runner is a T6 aluminum (ultimate tensile strength) rack that has a slim and flat design. They crawl, claw and grip at rocks with ease due to their bold tread pattern and studdable design, ready to tackle any terrain. Have you looked at the new ARB Flat Rack that Clint just wrote a post on? These are the best 4Runner roof racks that you can find out there on the market. ARB does not offer a wide variety of clamps, mounting hardware and accessories for their rack. Will the trd pro roof rack fit? The Curt Roof Rack Cargo Carrier is the cheapest option on this list but not bad by any means. I like Toyota's, exploring remote locations, taking photos, cooking, camping, wheeling, and a good bowl of ramen... or tacos. Toyota Roof Rack Trd Pro Part Number: 4R PT278-89190. Thanks to this crazy informative write up im able to make my decision on what system to go with thank you! The Front Runner racks are made of T6 aluminum along with 3CR12 (low-cost grade chromium) stainless steel. Hi Lee – I tried to take a closeup screen shot and enlarge in PS….from what I can make out, it looks very similar to the “bolt and wing nut” setup a lot of Yakima and Thule bike racks employ. Made in the USA is very appealing to me. I would prefer a full sized rack, but with a cutout for the sunroof. Maybe one of the more relevant aspects to this rack is who produces it. You mount the rack to a PVC-protected galvanized support channel that sits in your roofs support channel. Total stock right now, need to start with a new rack so this is very helpful. Joshua, Yeah, there are plenty of roof rack options to choose from for the 5th Gen. Let us know when you decide on a rack! Toyota 4Runner × × Free Ground Shipping on Orders Over $75 Sitewide when using code: FREESHIP (up to $200 value) *Free … Even if it is fairly affordable, it can carry your cargo and equipment well enough. 95. COLOR: Black POSITION: Right. FREE Shipping by Amazon. It’s hard to tell from some of the pictures which racks mount on the existing factory rack versus directly on the roof of the 4runner. Bar none, this is one of the most unique roof rack and light bar combinations on the market. Both are considered full overland style racks with multiple options for mods, lights, and accessories. It is important to mention that only the alloy rack comes with a mesh floor, as the flat steel options only come with crossbars. It has two unique looks which are quite stunning. Prinsu Design Studio was recently bought out by CBI, an Off-Road industry leader. The backbone system (pictured above) can support a roof-top tent like many of the full-length options above as well as many other common accessories. In addition, the static load capacity easily holds up to 800lbs. But. With its easy to install scheme, you can ensure a highly spacious and relaxing ride, since all of the oversized items are now on the roof. With this rack, you have many options for mounting your expedition gear or for general/ daily use. I took a tour of the plant just this past Friday afternoon. While this rack can still be outfitted with many other aftermarket accessories, the design allows for their accessory mounts to work much easier. Took almost 4 months to arrive, but from the instant it showed up, it was worth the wait. Looks nice, can mount a Megawarrior basket, but not a great fit.

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